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BOX profil

BOX profil

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    Box Extrusion consists of two profiles: the “U” Box which is its body and the “Z” Box which locks the extrusion. The “Z” Box is easily assembled to the”U” Box by snapping it in together. 
    One of the accessories for BOX Profile is end caps. They have two main functions:
    -          aesthetic finish of the extrusion
    -          cooling power supplies/ electrical equipment inside the extrusion
    -          holding/connecting  the “U” and “Z” parts
    If there is any need to use a substantially long body and a lid, beside end caps, circular rods 4 mm in diameter additionally secure the whole construction.

    Function of the BOX extrusion:

    Box works as an esthetic case for power supplies and electrical connections (220V) when creating KLUS LED light fixtures. It can be mounted to a ceiling, walls and other surfaces.  Box can be assembled with KLUS light fixtures with the use of wires, rods or directly to its construction. All the above functions are also fulfilled when our product works as a self-standing unit.
    BOX Profile, assembled with its components (end caps, fasteners, powers supplies) enables to create finished LED light fixtures of various dimensions and compositions.
    The BOX fastener can be used to suspend lamps on a required height or to assembly self-standing units. Both, the fastener for drywall ceiling and DP system of fasteners allow installing KLUS light fixtures together with Box mounted on wires and rods.
    The construction of fasteners apart from its mounting functions also allows conducting electricity from the power supply to the main source.  BOX construction enables comfortable and easy installation of finished LED fixtures.
    The length of Box profile is determined by: the size of the power supply, electrical connection elements and a distance between mounting components and fasteners of the light fixture.
    Mounting components and fasteners installed in “Z” Box are recommended to be located max. 25mm from the ends of the BOX profile which are its end caps. 
    In other circumstances, especially when the fixtures are heavier it is recommended to use the above mentioned plastic rods which prevent the Box from opening.

    Profile BOX can be mounted to any surface with the use of screws spaced freely in the “U” or “Z” part.

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