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EX ALU profil

EX ALU profil

EX-ALU PROFILE assembly requirements and conditions.
KLUS EX-ALU PROFILE assembly – glass:
1.    Use tempered glass, 6mm thick.
2.    For the hanging LED frame set stretching screws (min. 2 pieces) need to be laid out no more than 16.6cm apart and no less than 3cm apart from the ends of the horizontal glass edge (to which edge the profile is mounted).
2a.  For the supporting LED frame set, stretching screws (min. 2 pieces) must be laid out no more  than 16,6 cm apart and no less than 3cm from the ends of the vertical glass edge (to which profile is mounted). If the lenght of the vertical glass edge is more than 18cm, than the screw must be always inserted 8 cm below the first top screw.
3.    Stretching screws must be tighten up strong enough; however not overpowering the thread and not damaging the hexagon of the screw top.
4.    For  the hanging LED frame set the length of the vertical glass edge can not exceed 51cm.
4a. For  the supporting LED frame set the lenght of  the horizontal glass edge can not exceed 51cm and  the lenght of the vertical edge  can not be less than the number calculated by dividing the lenght of the horizontal edge by a standard number - 1.7 (Example 1: the lenght of the horizontal edge – 51cm , divided by 1.7 equals 30cm). The calculation gives us the shortest, possible lenght of  the vertical edge. Example 2: lenght of the horizontal glass edge – 21cm, divided by 1.7 equals 12.4cm. This is the lenght of the shortest, possible vertical glass edge, if the horizontal edge is 21cm.
5.    For both LED frame sets (hanging and supprting) the lenght of the profile can not be shorter  than the lenght of the glass edge to which the profile is mounted.
6.    Assembled frame sets can be mounted by sliding the profile till it reaches stretching screws’ tops. It is very important that the length of the sliding was as  long as possible. Next the profile must be blocked.
7.    For the frame set mounted accordingly in nr. 6, screw tops should be set up to  provide maximum possible friction  while sliding the profile.
8.    Type of the mounting screws may vary depnding on the surfaces to which the frame is mounted.
9.    The above rules and intstructions of EX-ALU frame sets assembly must be followed. They are also available in an illustrated form on our website or on CD. We can also send  the instruction in an written form via email or regular mail.
10. KLUS company also offers free consultations regarding frame sets assembly and mounting.
Varenr.: B1890
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  • Vælg Længde
    Standardlængde 2m 
    For special længder kontakt salgsafdelingen hos klus.

    - for flexible or hard LED strips

    - to illuminate the edge of glass or other material, 6mm thick

    - to be mounted to walls, ceilings etc.

    - Illuminating: signboards, information signs, exhibitions stands
    Product Description:
    Material:                                                       anodized aluminum
    Standard lenght:                                          1m, 2m, 3m*, 3-6m** (we sell profiles by 1 or 2 meter
    Mounting to glass or other materials:          stretching screws
    Mounting to the surface:                              metric thread screws, screw anchors
    Ending element:                                           3D end cap, made of plastic; stainless steel 
    end cap (accessories)
    Certificate:                                                    CE
    Patent:                                                         patent rights

    * Available by arrangement with sales departament of KLUŚ
    ** Special Order

    small dimensions, combines two functions: glass or other material can be mounted to the profile and illuminated by LED ; ability to mount to different surfaces ( walls, floor, ceiling etc.), modern design, environment friendly
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