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GLAD-45 Profil

GLAD-45 Profil

Varenr.: B7009ANODA
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    GLAD 45 profile is designed to build low lighting fixtures for universal use.
    It should be mainly used to illuminate the interiors of e.g. cupboards, stairs, shop windows, etc.
    This profile directs the light beam at an angle of 45° so you can achieve the effect of a mild accent illumination and avoid glare. In the sealed version, it can be used to illuminate the external architectural elements, e.g. facades of buildings, gardens. Additional advantages are: easy installation, low weight and good heat dissipation.


    The profile is made of high-quality aluminum. Its surfaces are smooth (no radiators). The source of light is a LED strip - max. 10,8 mm wide.
    If you apply densely distributed LEDs and frosted HS cover (min. 140LED/m) or LIGER (min. 120LED/m), you can obtain a single line of light.
    You can build a lighting fixture with resistance against the ingress of solid objects, dust and water which will be IP67.

    Mounting instructions

    One of the edges of the profile has a small lock for installation with GP mounting spring. Also it is possible the profile to the substrate using double-sided adhesive tape or glue.
    You can find all mounting and power supply elements for profiles on our website in the Accessories section.

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