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KRAV 810 profil

KRAV 810 profil

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    KRAV extrusions are not construction extrusions!
    They are designated exclusively to illuminate glass or acrylic. Therefore, assembly, suspension, or other technical activities related to the panels should be performed using standard elements.

    KRAV 810 extrusion is dedicated to illuminate the edge of glass or acrylic, thickness of 8mm to 10mm.The adventages of the extrusion are: ability to adjust to the thickness of glass/acrylic; easy mounting of LED Tape and a solid, strong grip of the edge of glass/acrylic.

    Complete KRAV 810 extrusion consists of 2 extrusions: KRAV-D810 dedicated for mounting LED tape up to 10mm wide and KRAV-Z810 extrusion – the closing extrusion.
    Additionally the extrusions are equipped with mounting adhesive tape and a silicone strip that assures a solid connection of the two extrusions.

    KRAV 810 end caps consist of two overlapping parts that are assembled individually into the KRAV-D810 extrusion and KRAV-Z810. This type of end cap construction enables to hide  the gap that is created when thicker glass is assembled into the extrusion. End caps can be mounted before or after the glass is inserted into the extrusion. This activity needs to be performed with care to avoid damaging the delicate grips of the end caps.

    KRAV-Z810 needs to be inserted into KRAV-D810 starting from one of the ends (not putting them in pararell and inserting the whole length). Before inserting KRAV-Z810 it is recommended to apply liquid soup, (or another liquid) on the mounting strip to enable smooth assembly of the extrusion.

    CAUTION! Disassembly of KRAV 810 can damage the extrusions.
    In order to make the disassembly easier it is also possible to glue to the glass/acrylic only KRAV-D810 and mount KRAV-Z810 without removing the layer of adhesive.

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