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LARKO profil

LARKO profil

Varenr.: B5552ANODA
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    Profiles for grooves

    Architectural profiles for LED fixtures – dedicated to mounting on ceilings and drywall. The height of the profiles was designed so that they can produce a single line of light with two LED strips where the diodes are spaced 15mm apart and a frosted HS 22 cover is used.
    The source of light is one or two 10 mm-wide LED strips.
    Surface mounting is perfomed with the use of mounting springs. During the mounting all profiles-fixtures should have power cables led to them beforehand. Power supplies can be placed loose on the left side of the ceiling or within the walls.

    Length: 2m (standard), 3m *, 3 - 6m  (special order)
    Surface finishing: anodized,

    Assembly remarks

    The bottom side of the LARKO profile extends beyond the left side of the drywalls, interfering with the construction elements.
    Mounting across the ceiling structure calls for the use of additional spacer ‘bars’.

    *available by arrangement with the sales department of KLUŚ.
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